Early Light

The crisp cold expanse greeted him ass he cracked open the front door to the land beyond.  Light attacked the opening, shining on the inside of his hallway.  Outside not a friendly thought would greet him.  He could feel this much.  It was going to be that kind of day today.

Negative thoughts and bad intentions rolled through the open door and sent a chill through his spine.  Clad in his heavy gray jacket, he opened the door widely and stepped into this new world.  An icy aura surrounded him, trapped him.

The scene was a strange one.  There was hardly a cloud in the sky; maybe one or two to give the heavens dimension, and looks almost friendly by itself.  But the cold was not friendly.  Snow covered most of the lawn and sidewalk, but left just a corner of green, right next to some ice.  It was a sickening sight, really.  The white and green next to each other was like a sick creation from god’s hand.  Either color would have been better by itself.  Lowering his head, he stepped into the world.


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