Dead End

An angry snap of his neck brought the horse and it’s rider to a sharp halt.  Ahead of him only desert.  The sun burned brightly overhead.  There was a single puffy cloud in the sky, much too small to bring anything but shade.

Behind him the law, in front of him, certain death.

What a choice, the man pondered.  He jolted as a huge black crow clawed its talons against his shoulders.  He immediately shrugged and attempted to swat the beast away from him.  The bird was biting and pecking for his face and he had enough trouble keeping it from blinding him.  Finally, he grabbed his knife from his waist and prepared to end this beast, when the bird finally released him and flew off.  He rubbed his scratched neck as he watched if fly off.

Couldn’t have been more than 5 seconds from start to finish.  But he saw this as a sign.  He picked the fight against the elements over jail.  He motioned his horse forward.


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