Apocalypse Now

What day was it today?

Saturday was the last day he remembered.  Names of days had little meaning now.  When electricity was out, dates and years stopped being tallied automatically.  They mattered little.  Even the most ardent filekeeper day more on his mind.  Around him the sun was shining brightly.  You could almost be fooled on a day like this.  Blue skies comforting, a soothing breeze blowing across your body.

Until you heard the cries.  God, the cries, the screams, the shuffling.  Calls for help without words.  Days were more complicated now.  The days of comfort were over.  Standing behind the blinds of an old window, he watched what the world had become.

Some were stealing goods worthless in today’s world from the electronics store.  They were the most dangerous.  The brought the attention of the Others.  Lifeless, shuffling, bloodstained.  New creatures of day and night.  One turned his head upwards.

Startled, he retreated behind the blinds.


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