Angry Waitress

“What do you mean, there’s no hot sauce?  What kind of diner is this?” The young man asked.

The young lady beside him looked apologetically at the customer.

“I’m very sorry sire, we ran out of bottles.  They are all currently being used by customers.”

“I don’t give a god damn ’bout that.  I just wanted god damn hot sauce and you ain’t given it.”

The young waitress was turning red. “I’m again very sorry sir.  There aren’t enough in the restaurant.”

The man’s temperance was jagged, and he was talking with the attitude of a man not sensitive to the problems of others. “Yeah num-nuts, I get it.  Where’s your fucking supervisor?”

She had had enough. “Sir, shut up, sit down, or get the fuck out.  There’s no time in the world for you assholes.”  She walked away, content.


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