Odd Weather

Winter starts from end to end

Between the many religious trend

When thanks is given and received

And green is taken and all else  leaved

The cold can be such a nasty bite

It causes some visitors a dreadful fright

For this is the weather in which we live

And many, for it, nothing else would give

For it brings us such joy from life’s simple tasks

Like sledding and skiing and wearing silly masks

A part of our life, no doubt about that

We live with more clothing and even more fat

So strange has it been the last few years

Where of cold weather almost nobody hears

It’s so warm and green this season

We thought nature involved in some treason

Of switching the rigid seasons of Earth

For pleasure, or perhaps giving new seasons a birth

Or maybe it’s work of our fellow man

For the cold sometimes, man is not a great fan

Or greed is the cause of this mischievous act

For the weather is not normal; that is a fact

I hope to return to my frozen past

When I bundled up with weather that lasts

These are truly wonderful times.


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