Sadness When She’s Gone

When She leaves

She leaves a gaping hole

A hole in a Place that

You didn’t even Know existed

Until She Left

But I leaves such a Wound

that it is Unclear how Life

Will go on Without Her

She is the Sun in the

morning that has Disappeared.

She is the Shining Star

that had faded away.

She is the Sky without Clouds.

She is Porridge that is

too hot or too cold

But Always There.

My better half, She is Gone Now

and Depression hits

But I must stay Vigilant

and Keep Pushing

And Someday the Stars will

Return to the Night.

And the Sun will Rise Again

in the Morning.

Secondary to the Aristocrat

Nobody Enjoys

Being in a Class Below

Looking at the Well-Off

And how they live their Lives

Everybody wants to Change

Everyone wants to hoist Themselves

but Funny things about the Nobles

They cut the Rope

after They get up

You see, because Too many Nobles

May sink the Ship and Bring them

To the Ocean Bottoms with the Others.

Compound Misery

What Goes on in the World

When the rain keeps Poring

and the hail comes

And the Winds and Lightning strike down the Trees around Us

When tomorrow does not look Possible

Is it psychology or real?

Can Strength Overcome?

It is not often possible

And the World goes on.


A GoFundMe Campaign: Grad School!

Hello All!!!!

I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy paying off student loads with a dream killing job D:

I have decided to go to grad school for development studies.  Humanitarian work has been a passion of mine for years, and after years of work as an engineer and groundwater science, I want to give back.

Here is a link to my GoFundMe account and my video on Youtube.  Any help and/or comments are much appreciated!!


Thank you,



What Does Passion Do

Anger boils like steam out of a pot

Frustration stirs a bucket of paint from a little dot

Sadness looms when something is gone

Despair onsets, when it seems nothing can be done

But still it is great when things arrive

And realization comes that you will survive

The pressures and struggles we all own

But prefer not to show, lest our dignity is flown

Far away, but we are wrong you see

The worst we can do is let our struggles be

In the struggle for passion


Life can bless us with many things

That give us life and pleasure here and fro

Things that vitamins and life bring

That keep our bodies from feeling low

For me, nothing but a juicy orange

The essence of the earth’s combinations

Where water and minerals from the ground mix

And give us food better than the sum of its parts.

Change of Order

Sometimes life will take a new turn

For a different direction anew

Time for something new to learn

Or something else to do

Leaves change color by and by

Changing colors before they die

But thick branches stay the same

Old thick branches, nature rarely can tame


How to describe a true thing of beauty

Something that brings pleasure on sight

Like a pearl on land

Each year an expected and unexpected gift

They are like a symbol of the beauty the sun gives us

Embodied in a flowering plant

That gives us further life

And adds something meaningful to the world

Life is

Another day, another dime

Another place, another time

Things to see, pictures to take

Avoiding the bad, avoiding the fake

Trying to live life like I should

Accepting I had lived as I could

Things can be lovely and well

If you dignity you don’t sell